Tori no you ni

R.A.L. (Robot and Lyrics)

鳥のように [tori no you ni : Like a Bird]

by 和楽器バンド [Wagakki Band] | on 四季彩-shikisai-
Lyrics & Music: Yuuko Suzuhana
Translation by Aka

水に浮かぶ 月あかり揺らす
そっと差し伸べた指の先 こぼれる 涙
mizu ni ukabu tsuki akari yurasu
sotto sashinobeta yubi no saki koboreru namida
Floating in the water, the moonlight sways
At the end of my gently outstretched finger, tears flow
(*)逢いたいと願う夢は 鳥のように 空へ高く
風と共に どこまで飛んで 波に映る影を追いかけていた
(*)aitai to negau yume wa tori no you ni sora e takaku
kaze to tomo ni doko made tonde namida ni utsuru kage wo oikaketeita
(*)In my dream where I wish to see you, I fly high in the sky like a bird
Flying wherever along with the wind, chasing shadows on the waves
(**)ima sugu kimi no moto made
kono mama tondeyukitai
ano hi ni mada tsutaerarezu ni

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